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Daidalos sutureless synthetic vascular graft connectors

  • Sutureless end-to-side vascular graft anastomotic devices

  • Sutureless side-to-side vascular graft anastomotic devices

  • Sutureless end-to-end vascular graft anastomotic devices

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
The Daidalos sutureless vascular graft connectors for synthetic vascular grafts are making use of the memory metal Nitinol.

On one side of the connector is incorporated within the synthetic vascular graft, and at the other side there is the free side of the connector to be connected to a natural vessel or other synthetic vascular graft.

All these connectors can be used to make end-to-side, side-to-side, or end-to-end anastomoses. To the knowledge of Daidalos, no alternatives for such synthetic vascular graft connectors are currently on the market.

For more information about Daidalos Technology for sutureless vascular synthetic graft connectors click here

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