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Daidalos Solutions holder/applicators for sutureless heart valve prostheses and repair rings

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
Daidalos developed for all its sutureless biological and mechanical heart valve prostheses and repair or narrowing rings its own holder/applicators.

Particularly when using Nitinol memory metal, specific holder/applicators are an essential tool to be combined with temperature dependent technology.

Devices made of memory metal are likely to be stretched in cold before implantation, and expanded during implantation.

Unlike the simple holder/applicators that surgeons have used for many decades with the current surgical heart valve and repair ring prostheses, when using a memory metal technique, the  Daidalos holder/applicator should not only hold the device to be implanted, but should also constrain the device to prevent early expansion during navigation, and should release the device in a controlled manner.

Daidalos designed, manufactured, and tested a range of such specific holder/applicators, from relative simple devices to more complicated devices wherein the devices are not only constrained mechanically, but also the temperature at the tip of the holder/applicator can be regulated in a controlled way.

For more information about Daidalos Technology for Holder/Applicators for Sutureless Heart Valve Prostheses and Narrowing Rings click here

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