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Daidalos sutureless cannulas

  • Sutureless cannulas for use with extra-corporeal circulation, including sutureless aortic or femoral inflow and venous return cannulas

  • Any sutureless small or large cannula

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
The Daidalos Sutureless Aortic Cannula technology makes antegrade aortic perfusion through direct transthoracic puncture feasible.

Daidalos Sutureless Venous Cannulas can also be used by transthoracic puncture.

Minimal invasive cardiac surgery may still require use of extra-corporeal circulation. Groin canulation through the femoral vessels, with retrograde arterial flow, may lead to major complications, among which retrograde aortic dissection, femoral artery aneurysms, groin wound infection, bleeding or lymphe fistulas.

To prevent such complication many surgeons prefer antegrade aortic flow by canulating the ascending aorta. Current standard technologies require hand-suturing to obtain a bloodloss and safe connection between an aortic cannula and the ascending aorta, making real minimal invasive surgery cumbersome. 

For more information about Daidalos Technology for sutureless cannulas click here.

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