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Daidalos sutureless closing devices

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
While more and more intracardiac procedures are done minimal invasively, there is a need for sutureless closing devices. A good example is trans-apical transcatheter aortic valve implantion (TA-TAVI), where a catheter-valve is introduced through the apex of the left ventricle, and where there is a need to prevent bleeding from the left ventricular apex during the procedure and to close the apical hole at the end of the procedure.

Daidalos has developed a sutureless apical closing device to enable the sutureless closing of the left ventricular hole, permitting the surgeon to work through a truly minimal invasive puncture hole. Such devices have been prototyped and successfully tested in ex-vivo and in-vivo hearts. 

The Daidalos sutureless closing devices may be applied to suturelessly close any hole in a hollow organ of any size.

For more information about Daidalos Technology for Sutureless Apical Closing Devices or other Closing Devices to the heart, great vessels and other hollow organs click here

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