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Daidalos sutureless working channels and ports

• Sutureless working channels and ports to the heart, great vessels, and other hollow organs.

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
The Daidalos working channels function as a temporarily blood sealed channel from the skin of the patient to the inside of the heart, great vessels or other hollow organ. The heart, great vessels or hollow organ is entered through a ‘port’ that can be opened at the start of the procedure and closed at the end of the procedure.

Such working channels and ports may be used at the left or right ventricular apex, left or right atrium, ascending or decending aorta, pulmonary artery and other hollow organs.

Daidalos has developed several ports, that may include the use of Daidalos sutureless closing devices or other altenatives.

The Daidalos working channel will be removed at the end of the procedure.

In the coming years more and more intracardiac procedures will be performed minimal invasively in a beating heart without the use of extra-corporeal circulation. The main reason for this evelopment is that more and more on-line intra-cardiac imaging techniques are becoming vailable, like 3D echo and others. Such intra-cardiac procedures may be performed by cardiac- surgeons and intervention cardiologists.

A good example of an intracardiac procedure is the current growth in TAVI (Transcatheter aortic valve implantation) procedures, by catheter through the groin, or by direct trans-apical or trans-aortic approach.

There is a need for a temporary bloodless sutureless working channel to the heart and great vessels from the skin to the inside of the heart. Daidalos recognized already many years ago this need, and developed such temporary working channel and ways to open and close the heart and great vessels.

Prototypes of the Daidalos sutureless working channels and ports to the heart have been made and tested in ex-vivo and in-vivo animal experiments.

For more information about Daidalos Technology for sutureless working channels and ports to the heart, great vessels and other hollow organs click here.

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