Daidalos Solutions medical devices that are available for license:

Sutureless heart valve prostheses:

  • Sutureless biological heart valve prostheses

  • Sutureless mechanical heart valves prostheses

  • Sutureless biological and mechanical valved-conduits

  • Sutureless catheter based biological heart valve prostheses

Sutureless heart valve repair rings:

  • Sutureless mitral and tricuspid valve repair rings


  • Applicators for sutureless heart valve prostheses and repair rings

Loading devices:

  • Loading devices for sutureless heart valve prostheses

Sutureless vascular connectors:

  • Sutureless vascular connectors

  • Sutureless vascular synthetic graft connectors

  • Sutureless connectors for cardiac assist devices

  • Sutureless cannulas

Sutureless working channels and ports:

  • Sutureless working channels and ports to the heart, great vessels and other hollow organs

Sutureless closing devices


  • Valve dilators and cutters

  • Standarized hole makers and knives

This listing may be not complete or actual


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