Daidalos sutureless heart valve narrowing rings

  • Sutureless mitral valve repair rings

  • Sutureless tricuspid valve repair rings

  • Sutureless aortic valve repair rings

Advantages of the Daidalos technology
The Daidalos sutureless mitral and tricuspid valve repair or narrowing rings are the only sutureless repair or narrowing rings available to the market so far.

The devices are not only implanted in a sutureless way, but also narrow the valve annulus actively.

Alternative products, like coronary sinus shortening devices, like the Viacor PTMA system of Viacor, are no real anatomical valve annulus narrowing devices, because these devices are not located at the true anatomical valve annulus and do not narrow the annulus directly.

The Daidalos product will show itself to be far superior, because it will be simple to implant, and makes use of the experience that has been gathered by the cardiac surgical community with heart valve repair rings over the last decades.

Other applications of Daidalos sutureless mitral and tricuspid valve annular narrowing rings:

Daidalos sutureless mitral and tricuspid valve annulus rings may be applied to work as a platform to make a non-calcified mitral or tricuspid valve annulus ready to receive a catheter- based valve, because catheter-based valves need a certain tissue stiffness to attach itself to.

Daidalos sutureless mitral and tricuspid valve annulus rings may be applied to narrow the annular tissue of grossly enlarged mitral and/or tricuspid annuli around a Daidalos or other brand sutureless mitral and/or tricuspid valve prosthesis.

Daidalos sutureless aortic valve narrowing rings can be applied to repair aortic valves, but also to work as a platform to make an aortic valve that is not calcified, ready for a catheter- based aortic valve, in situations where there is no or minimal calcium in the aortic valves, like in pure aortic insufficiency with or without annular dilatation.

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