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Sutureless mechanical aortic valve prostheses


Advantages of the Daidalos technology

The Daidalos sutureless mechanical valves are unique because the Daidalos technology is currently the only available technology to implant (non-compressible) mechanical heart valve prostheses suturelessly.

All other current available sutureless aortic valve prostheses are biological valves mounted within or on top of a compressible stents (Enable® valve of Medtronic and Perceval® valve of Sorin) or balloon dilated stent (Intuity® valve of Edwards).


Unlike other sutureless biological aortic valves, like the Perceval® valve of Sorin, the 3F-Enable® valve of Medtronic, and the Intuity® valve of Edwards the Daidalos sutureless mechanical aortic valves do not involve stent technology, but makes use of a proprietary Nitinol attachment ring that is fully covered by textiles, has a very low profile, and can be applied with any current unchanged (FDA approved) mechanical aortic heart valve prosthesis.

Daidalos sutureless aortic mechanical valves are not compressed, nor expanded, nor balloon dilated, and do attach themselves strongly to the anatomical aortic valve annulus, with a low profile, without para-valvular leakage. The method proved to be feasible during acute and long-term (90 days) living animal testing.

One and two-step techniques
The Daidalos sutureless mechanical valves can be implanted as an one-step technique, or as a two-step technique, wherin the Daidalos sutureless attachment ring serves as a platform for the valve prosthesis, to allow rapid replacement by a failing mechanical valve.

For more information about Daidalos Technology for sutureless mechanical heart valve prostheses click here

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