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Although Daidalos Solutions B.V. takes reasonable steps to ensure that the information provided on this Website is reliable, Daidalos Solutions B.V. makes no representation that such information is accurate, reliable, or complete. Any information, including pictures and movies, are concerning investigational devices, and as such no examples of products for human use. Daidalos Solutions B.V. provides this information only for your private use and Daidalos Solutions B.V. may change the contents of this website without notice. Daidalos Solutions B.V. does not make any warranties (whether expressed or implied) of any kind whatsoever with respect to this website, or any information contained on it. As a result, Daidalos Solutions B.V. does not accept any obligation or responsibility for any errors or omissions. The website and all material contained within it are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Daidalos Solutions B.V. The copyright and all other rights in all of the material on this website are owned by Daidalos Solutions B.V., or the material is included with the permission of the rights of the owner as indicated on the web page. The materials of this website may not be reproduced, unless the material can be downloaded as indicated on the webpage, but any copyrights or proprietary notices may not be removed in doing so. Such reproduction will not transfer any software or other rights to you. You may not, without the prior written permission of Daidalos Solutions B.V. reproduce (wholly or partially), transmit (by any means whatsoever), modify, link into, or use for any public or commercial purposes any material provided on the website. This website contains links to external and independent websites. If you access such links, you may leave this website. Daidalos Solutions B.V. does not accept any responsibility for the content of any such external websites you may access, nor for any reliance placed by you or any person on the information contained on such external websites. Daidalos Solutions B.V. is working or has been working with many persons, institutions and companies (other Partners), but these other Partners are not joint ventures, and act as independent contractors. Therefore, neither Daidalos Solutions B.V. nor its other Partners assume any liability for one another, and each party is independently responsible for its own actions and performance.

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